Accurate Scoliosis Assessment

Accurate assessment of scoliosis is important for the correct diagnosis and management of the scoliosis. Accurate assessment starts with a thorougher history which may also include questionnaires about function and self image. If you would like to fill out our history form prior to making an appointment please click here.

The physical examination includes a series of tests including touching the spine to see if it is painful and testing reflexes to check that the nervous system is working properly. These test are important to help rule out non-idiopathic causes of scoliosis,

It is important for the doctor to do a precise postural examination. This involves the  doctor looking at the posture from different angles and when the patient is bent forward. It is not possible to do an accurate postural examination through clothing, minimal clothing needs to be worn so that the doctor can see your back.   Wearing a bikini or bra that does not cover up the back allows for the most accurate assessment.

One of the earliest signs of a scoliosis can be a postural misalignment. To aid parents and patients in picking up these signs early we have developed an online Scoliosis Screening App. Please click here to use the App. 

In addition to viewing the posture it is important to be able to measure any postural displacements and keep a record of the posture.  Postural photographs are a simple way to do this.

Sydney Scoliosis Clinic is the first clinic in Australia to adopt 3D scanning of the posture. Unlike photographs which are 2D images, 3D scanning gives the doctor a way to accurately assess the  the 3 dimensional effect of the scoliosis on the body. Sydney Scoliosis Clinic is proud to be involved in the development of the Posture Scan 3D and ScoliScan.

X-rays play an important role in scoliosis assessment. While the scoliosis can have an observable effect on the body it is not possible to see exactly what is happening to the spine without an x-ray. Sydney Scoliosis Clinic uses special protocol to make sure that x-rays are take accurately. Some patient and parents are concerned about the effect of x-ray radiation. The Sydney Scoliosis Clinic always takes the minimum amount of x-rays  to complete an accurate assessment. We have access to low dose digital x-ray technology that reduces x-ray dose. The Sydney Scoliosis Clinic is also actively engaged in research to reduce x-ray dose to patients.

Other investigations such as MRI and CT scan can some time be necessary. If these investigations are required  they can be carried out at the Sydney Scoliosis Clinic main centre in Kogarah.

Already have x-rays? Click here to upload digital files or photos of your x-rays for a free review service.