Summer is the perfect time to screen for scoliosis.

Summer is the perfect time to screen for scoliosis

The warmer weather, less bulky clothing and increased outdoor activities mean we all have a greater opportunity to check children’s growing spines.

Once the jumpers come off, you suddenly see a change in your child’s back. Maybe you’ve noticed a scoliosis?

  • Is there a difference in shoulder height?
  • Is one hip higher than the other?
  • Is there a visible curve in their spine?

These are ‘warning’ signs which indicate that a child or someone you know may be developing a scoliosis. Here are some other visual cues to help check their posture and spine:

Warning signs that a scoliosis may be developing


If you’re concerned, or have noticed changes like these, call us on 1300 856 118 for advice and support.

Online screening for the signs of scoliosis

Regular screening for growing kids is highly recommended. To monitor them through their growing years,  use our free scoliosis screening app – ScoliScreen.

Developed by one of the world leaders in scoliosis diagnosis and treatment, ScoliScreen is a free web-based screening tool for the signs of scoliosis.

In the privacy of your own home, you can regularly check your child’s spine for any warning signs with the help of your smartphone or computer.

Any changes are a cause for some concern, so it’s important to follow up with a qualified scoliosis clinician. Call us on 1300 856 118  for advice and support.


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